swallow feminist psychological thriller
Trigger warning: discussing subjects of
Eating Disorders
warning: Adult content
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Carlo Mirabella-Davis
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September 15, 2021
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‘Swallow’: The Feminist Thriller That Draws Us In Domestic Horror

This movie will SWALLOW you whole!

Lovers of feminist horror, listen up! We have got a treat for you: ‘Swallow’, directed by Carlo Mirabella-Davis. It tells the story of Hunter, who seems to have everything a woman could want; a handsome husband, a nice house, money and time to spend as she wants… Except it is an empty life, governed by her husband and his controlling family’s expectations.

An unhappy, newly pregnant housewife, Hunter turns to binge-eating… but she does not eat food. Instead, she swallows inedible objects. She is diagnosed with pica, a serious compulsive eating disorder. Despite the dangers it brings, eating objects makes her feel like she finally has control over her life. A gripping performance from Haley Bennett, the movie tells the story of a woman trapped in a man’s world, who slowly finds her power.⁠

You can watch the trailer down below!

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