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February 12, 2022
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Our Latest Lesbian Romcom Recommendation: ‘Anne+’

Yes, absolutely it is time for our movie recommendation of the week. In fact, we can even say that it is time for our cheesy recommendation of the week. Introducing our favorite lesbian romcom of the moment.

If you have been following us on Instagram for a long (long) time, you might remember a Dutch web series called ‘Anne+’, which told the story of Anne, a young lesbian living in Amsterdam, her life, her love stories and her friendships. Well, the series was so good it has been adapted into a feature length movie. And we are not going to lie, we are thrilled with the result!

‘Anne+: The Movie’ (2021) has kept its winning formula: Valerie Bisscheroux as director, actress Hanna van Vliet as Anne herself and screenplay by Maud Wiemeijer. Plus, ‘Anne+’ is also bringing us the first ever non-binary character in a Dutch movie, played by Thorn Roos de Vries, a non-binary Dutch actor. Kudos, ‘Anne+’!

This time around, the movie focuses on Anne’s upcoming move to Montréal, to follow her new girlfriend. As she is under pressure to finish her first novel, she meets Lou, a non-binary drag king, whose life views are drastically different from Anne. And with this new encounter come new questions…

A feel-good movie about love, friendship, life and the uncertainties that come with it; because life is not always easy, and it is okay if you have not figured it out yet; but like, make the whole thing lesbian. Also, no ‘killing your gay’ trope here, so no one dies at the end. How great is that? We know.

Just watch the trailer down below to see if that is something you could be watching with your date - or your friends, or yourself; why should you not treat yourself? Because, good news: it is now available on Netflix!

PS: we have also added the first three episodes of the series if you are curious about it!


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