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January 12, 2022
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‘Shiva Baby’: A Chaotic, Queer, Millennial, Coming of Age Comedy

And we are back (again) with movie recommendations! What better way to kick off the new year than by binge watching queer comedies? This one is funny, emotional, queer and chaotic - which is honestly just the way we started this year! Let us dive into today’s project.

‘Shiva Baby’ (2020) is an American and Canadian comedy film written and directed by Emma Selligman, a Jewish, bisexual film director and screen writer. Her movie tells the story of Danielle, who also happens to be a Jewish, bisexual young woman. And we do love a story told by people who know their topic!

So, what is this movie about exactly? Danielle, a college senior, leaves her sugar daddy’s apartment to go back to her family for a shiva observance - a Jewish mourning period of seven days. There, she meets with her family, her ex-girlfriend Maya and her sugar daddy Max, who happens to be married - much to Danielle’s surprise. The ideal receipt for drama!

But ‘Shiva Baby’ is no ordinary comedy. Emma’s movie has been praised for its artistic choices and the way it succeeds in conveying a feeling of claustrophobia and anxiety. On top of that, the cast and the musical score both give a horror film-like vibe. This gives a chaotic, dark twist to the movie and we love that about it!

All of these elements are already noticeable in the trailer: the music, the eerie feeling of suffocating, the camera angles, the general feeling of anxiety that grows bigger and bigger at each unexpected turn. And we are here for it!

And if you are still unsure whether to watch it or not, here are three good reasons to do so: great Jewish and bisexual representation, cute girls, and last but not least, a sapphic kiss!

As always, you can watch the trailer down below and, as a treat to make your January month sweeter, we also have included the kissing scene. Enjoy!


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