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March 26, 2022
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Embark on a road trip with The man with answers

Looking for a slow-burn gay romance set in Italy’s marvelous landscapes without a weird age gap (looking at you Call me by your name) ?. Search no further. The man with answers, Stelios Kammitsis’s second movie, will know how to charm you all the way through its road trip.

The movie starts with Victoras, an ex-championship diver working in a furniture factory in a seaside town in Greece. When his grandmother passes away, he decides to travel to Germany to meet with his mom, who he hasn’t seen in the last six years. While on a ferry to Italy, Victoras encounters Mathias, a German student. The free-spirited, blunt, and cheeky Mathias rubs Victoras the wrong way, but they eventually end up sharing a car on their way to Germany. Their opposite personalities eventually attract, as the tension progressively arises.

The road trip rom-com trope is no news, but it is nice to see it with a queer twist. Both actors are selling us the romance with their sensible and nuanced acting. Vasilis Magouliotis is adorable while conveying all the internal conflict happening within Viktoras. Anton Weil, who plays Mathias, always knows where to stop to not turn Mathias into an annoying character. Both characters have incredible chemistry and we could have followed them for more hours after it ended.

The movie makes for a simple and unpretentious romantic escape, with an exquisite setting and multilingual script. Stelios Kammitsis’s sense of detail creates gorgeous shots. The camera embraces the large and splendid landscapes of Greece, Italy, and Germany, giving us a foretaste of summer. Rare enough to be mentioned, sexuality is never a topic of discussion in The man with answers. It is a non-issue that none of the characters struggle with. The romance happens with only the awkwardness of young love, without internal conflict. In short, The man with answers is a sweet and charming romance we definitely recommend you to watch while waiting for your own this summer. Scroll down below to watch the trailer!


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