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October 6, 2022
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As we Like It - a highlight at everybody's perfect 2022

At the dawn of this edition of everybody's perfect, a queer and feminist festival taking place for the next two weeks in sunny Geneva, we want to present a movie that needs to be highlighted - Taiwanese movie Jie Da Huan Xi.

First, a quick synopsis: In a Taipei neighborhood, where people live in a kind of paradise, Rosalind transforms into a man and befriends her suitor Orlando to find out if his love is sincere - Adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy to the digital age, the romantic love plot is nothing compared to the realistic-magical universe of the film. Libertarian in its form (superimposed drawings, fairy-tale design, addresses to the camera...), the world of As We Like is a fantasy, a frenetic queer utopia, whose paroxysm is the fact that female actresses play all the characters. Disturbing and jubilant!

A brilliant twist and references this play's era as only men were allowed to take the stage. The mix between Shakespearian dramaturgy and Taiwanese drama codes is more than interesting. It offers an exciting concept and visuals—the whole enterprise directed by Muni Wei and Chen Hung-i, a union more than fruitful.

And a utopia transposed to a modern time, all while conserving some of its original themes. Although quite faithful to the original play as you like it, the cast wasn't afraid to remodel or repurpose some of the roles and has done it successfully so.

It surely does question the gender binary and takes its audience beyond it - with some references to conscious literature and themes of oppression. A body of work advocating for freedom in general and authentic and unrestrained love.

In the more visual sense, the videography is quite impressive too. Exploring the visual world of video games and or mangas at times - it is truly filled with colored and light-hearted visual identity.

The movie is ornamented with special effects and comic-like reactions. one could also find an intelligent use of 3D in some scenes. A true visual journey, offering vibrant and fresh energy.

All in all, an excellent adaptation that offers a new perspective all while tapping into profound subjects. A great directorial debut for Muni Wei(we certainly look forward to seeing what's next !).

The Perfect addition to this year's everybody's perfect edition, certainly not to miss.

Few screenings are planned, so get to your calendars - one seance is on the 8th at 7:30 pm at the Langlois, another on the 14th at 2:00 pm at the Simon venue, and the last one will be on the 16th at noon at the same place!

images from the movie

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