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Elizaveta Simbirskaya and Andrei Fenøčka
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November 6, 2021
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‘Here I Come’: The Russian Queer Web Series Taking Over

Watch the queer web series highjacking its way through Russia’s anti-gay censorship!

‘Here I Come’ (2020) is a Russian web series that follows the life of queer and young people in Russia. Written by Elizaveta Simbirskaya and directed by Andrei Fenøčka, the mini series is available on YouTube. One restriction though; due to Russia’s homophobic law it is only available to 18+ people - so you have to open a YouTube account to access it. But do not worry: it is worth it.

Want to know more about the plot? Here is how its director, Andrei, is pitching the series:

‘It’s about an Armenian boy from a wealthy family who lives in Moscow. He’s a student and a pizza delivery guy. One day, he finds himself in the middle of Moscow kissing a stranger, a guy. Before this, he never thought he was gay, but he doesn’t live this experience as a tragedy or a big surprise. Yet, he doesn’t know how to tell his friends or family.’ (VICE, February 2021)

Sounds pretty intriguing, right? Screenwriter Elizaveta also adds that they wanted to make something positive out of it. Being queer in Russia is already difficult as it is (for reasons you all probably know, Russia having passed homophobic law preventing the ‘promotion of nontraditional sexual relations to minors’), so it was important for her to show a little bit of love and positivity. In short, the series is about ‘love, friendship and acceptance’. Sounds great to us!

So, if you want to support a small but much-needed queer project entirely produced by independents, stop searching because you have just found it. Just play the trailer and first episode, we have added them just for you!

PS: Do not worry, it is available with English subtitles!


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