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August 26, 2021
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‘Te Llevo Conmigo’, the Queer Mexican Love Story You Need to Watch

‘Te Llevo Conmigo’ (I carry you with me), directed by Heidi Ewing, tells the love story of two Mexican immigrants who found a new life together in America. But at what price?⁠

This touching tale is based on the true story of Heidi’s two friends, Iván and Gerardo, who also appear in the film. Going back and forth between documentary and narrative, the movie takes us through the two men’s childhood, adolescence and adulthood. We watch their relationship develop as they leave Mexico for the United States, with the distant hope of being able to return to Mexico one day. ‘Te Llevo Conmigo’ is a visually striking film that does not sugarcoat the harsh reality of the queer experience in Mexico. ⁠

You can watch the trailer just below!

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