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September 10, 2021
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Masha Is Here To Teach You How To Have A Healthy Sex Life With Yourself

Consent and respect are Masha’s main focus.

This young French auto entrepreneur uses her voice to advocate for safe sex, consent and a blooming sex life - this also includes no sex life at all, if you do not want one. If you are looking for tips to explore or come to terms with your sexuality while listening to your body and respecting your limits, Masha’s account is just the right place for you. She will give you tips on which sextoy will work best for you and how to pleasure yourself or your partners. That is the kind of self-care we love!

Masha also co-created #MonPostPartum, a place where people can share their experience of what happens to your body after you give birth.

On top of that, she uses her platform to talk about body positivity and the need to look past society’s expectations of what bodies should and should not look like, as well as to give visibility to bisexual identities. Is there anything she cannot do?

Photo credits: Masha S’explique