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July 9, 2021
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Taking care about you and the environment with this eco-friendly sextoy⁠

Are your sex toys sustainable? Not caring about the environment is such a turn-off. If you don’t care about the hole in the ozone layer how you’re going to care about MY ho… okay, I guess I made my point.

Moanoak is the artist behind this magnificent wooden dildo which is completely environmentally friendly. It is handmade using locally sourced wood from France, coated with organic hypoallergenic paint and comes in eco-friendly packaging. And, of course, it’s a suitable design for all genders! 

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but sex toys can be quite harmful to the environment. We know how plastic takes ages to decompose but the ones made from synthetic materials like silicone and rubber are difficult to recycle, too. On top of that, jelly rubber products often contain phthalates which have been found to have a toxic impact on aquatic environments. And then we haven’t even talked about the batteries… 

While sex should be liberating and not something that should ever make you feel guilty, maybe next time you are browsing for a new toy, try some sustainable alternatives!⁠

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