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October 2, 2021
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Fera Daemon, The French Brand Changing The Game of Inclusive Sextoys

Fall is coming and we have a treat for you to keep warm.

Fera Daemon is a French, handmade, non-gendered, sustainable, and skin safe sextoys brand. Not only that, but it is entirely customizable! You can choose the model, the size, the color, the rigidity, the intensity AND whether or not to add a suction cup at the bottom. Do we have your attention yet?

Founded in 2020 through a crowdfunding campaign, the brand is not only about making you feel good about your body and your sexuality. Fera Daemon comes with its own fantasy world, imagined and drawn by the creators. If you order one of their beauties, you will receive an illustrated map of their world, as well as the complete portrait of their heroine.

We know quality and small-batched, handmade products come with a price, especially when accompanied by such a rich packaging. But do not worry: Fera Daemon has thought about that too.

Periodically on their website, they reassort a category named ‘Daenomalies’ (as lovers of bad puns, we can only approve of the name). It features sextoys that are perfectly safe and usable, but have a small aesthetic default or were color tests, used to develop the brand. Because of this, they are sold at a lower price. You can still select your size, but the model and color are chosen at random. A surprise in your surprise, if you will!

You can browse their website to discover their wide variety of models and their gorgeous colors. In all confidence, we can tell you that you will not be disappointed.

Photo credits: Fera Daemon

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