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Andrea Barrica
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August 26, 2021
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Discover O.school: an Inclusive and Consent-Based Sex Education Platform

Raised in a religious, conservative family that only taught abstinence, Andrea Barrica came to the realization that she needed to unlearn the negative, shame-based sex education most of us have experienced. This led her to found O.school, our favorite pleasure, consent-based sex education program.

The website features hundreds of useful articles, videos and live streams where you can ask professionals, sex educators, gynecologists and dating coaches your burning questions. O.school covers EVERYTHING: the topics range from ‘Tips for Hotter Handjobs’ to ‘Ultimate Guide to STI Testing’.

Andrea is also dedicated to building a diverse and intersectional community, so that everyone can find relatable content. ⁠This aspect is very important to her, as a queer woman of color.

You think you know everything about sex? We bet that you'd be surprised... ⁠

Image credits: O.school