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Arnoldas Kubilius
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July 13, 2021
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Arnoldas Kubilius Is Fascinated By The Nude Male Body

Arnoldas Kubilius captures the male body in all its glory.

⁠This Lithuanian-born, Luxembourg-based photographer is fascinated by all the little details of the nude body: the muscles, lines, wrinkles, scars and hairs... His images are honest and vulnerable but also dreamy and entrancing. Often submerged in water, his models are swimming freely, liberated by the transforming power of water.

If you want to see more, Arnoldas published a photography book titled (H)OMBRES which features his best work. Hombres meaning ‘men’ in Spanish and ‘ombres’ meaning ‘shadows’ in French, the title perfectly summarizes what makes his photography so captivating. Co-created with Jake Noakes, it's an artistic homage to beauty and queer masculinity.⁠