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October 12, 2021
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The Vulva Gallery Is Here To Remind Us That All Vulvas Are Beautiful

Ever felt insecure about the way your vulva looked? We feel you. But we also have a solution for you: The Vulva Gallery Instagram account!

In recent years, labiaplasties have drastically increased, and especially amongst younger people. If you have never heard of the term, it refers to a cosmetic surgery procedure whose goal is to reduce the size of the labia (the skinfolds surrounding the entrance of the vagina). While it can be done to alleviate pain or irritations, the majority of this type of intervention is performed in a strictly cosmetic goal. Because we have been told that there is a certain way a vulva is supposed to look.

We have learned that a vulva should be like a delicate seashell; perfectly smooth, no hair, no fat, no pimples, no rash, the clitoris and labia all tucked inside and invisible. Well, guess what? It is complete bullshit.

Vulvas exist in all colors, shapes and forms. And every single one of them is beautiful and deserves love and appreciation. It is an important reminder, which has driven Hilde Atalanta, a non-binary queer artist, to open an Instagram account, The Vulva Gallery’, entirely devoted to vulvas appreciation.

Hilde draws vulvas portrait of everyone who requests it - cis women, intersex women, non-binary people, intersex folks and trans people. Each illustration is accompanied with a small text that tells the person’s experience about their vulva and how they perceive it.

Here is a example of the kind of stories you can discover:

‘Because I was born
with this form
a hundred photos have been taken,
a thousand hands have touched,
a million eyes have looked,
none with my consent

All of them doctors
They call me unwanted.

This image is a defiant act of revolution.
In a world that says I am broken,
undesirable, and need to be "fixed".

This image is mine to share.
To the eyes I want to see.
the power
the beauty
My intersex vulva.
My perfection.
- Anonymous, 32 years old, USA (they/them pronouns)’

(The Vulva Galley, 2021)

Browse down below to discover the portrait illustrating the words, and many more amazing portraits!

Image credits: Hilde Atalanta

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