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July 1, 2022
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Oil Productions’ fight to a different type of pornography

The list of issues brought by the billion-dollar industry that is porn is too long to enumerate, yet it seems that not much is done to change it. Facing the porn industry giant, some initiatives like Oil Productions still manage to emerge, offering a completely different approach and opening a much-needed space for discussion.

A collective and incubator for pornographic productions, Oil was founded in 2018 by a group of young women and queer folks in Lausanne, a city in the french-speaking part of Switzerland.

Oil Productions is guided by clear solid principles that take an opposite approach to what can be found in mainstream porn. Putting consent first, they are dedicated to representation in all its forms, whether body, sexuality, or gender-wise. Everyone involved in the process has a right to review, and each production is talked through the whole team before, during, and afterward.

Away from the capitalistic mode of production porn is submitted to, Oil Productions wants to slow down the production pace and downsize to more local distribution. They also make sure that each participant is fairly paid.

Aware that because porn is taboo, it is rarely discussed and critically apprehended, Oil Production’s team wants to open the dialogue, create spaces of free discussion, and offer porn that can be used as a healthy form of sexual education.  

For 3 years, Swiss director Patrick Muroni followed the Oil Productions team in their evolution. Retracing the difficult process of the project in their fight for another vision of sexuality, the film-documentary "Ardente-x-s” will share this journey on big screens. The 96 minutes documentary will be in cinemas this fall, scroll down to watch the trailer!