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Matteo Angele
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April 15, 2024
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The BØWIE Awards 2024: Queer Innovation and Empowerment

In a vibrant celebration of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, the BØWIE Incubator recently hosted the annual BØWIE Awards celebration, marking the end of its 2023-2024 cohort. Ten exceptional projects, each representing a unique facet of creativity and ambition, were honored during this dynamic event held in Switzerland.

The BOWIE Incubator is a platform that helps budding entrepreneurs to grow and develop their ventures. The program lasts for six months, during which participants engage in a journey of learning, growth, and collaboration. At the end of the program, they showcase their projects at an awards ceremony.

This year's BØWIE Awards featured a dynamic format that encouraged interaction between attendees and project leaders, fostering connections among innovative minds from diverse backgrounds.

Among the highlights of the event were the awards presented to the most impactful initiatives:

  • Empowering Award: Presented to Contes au Pluriel, this award recognized their commitment to visual communication. Sponsored by êkhô, a renowned graphic design studio, Contes au Pluriel received four coaching sessions to enhance their communication strategy.
  • Innovative Award: Hyperdiverse clinched this accolade for their groundbreaking approach to addressing societal issues. They received a personalized impact evaluation coaching package from Annie Chemla, a seasoned expert in impactful social projects.
  • Wild Award: Trans Open Wardrobe stood out for their creativity and originality, earning them the Wild Award. Sponsored by Dani Prisacariu, this award provided them with a tailored coaching package aimed at driving social transformation.
  • Open Award: Club Féexs des Dents was recognized for its inclusivity and accessibility. They received a communication strategy package from Agence Minuit Une, specializing in inclusiveness and responsibility.
  • Bold Award: Our Bar was lauded for their ambitious objectives and strategic vision. They gained access to the BØWIE Investment Readiness online course, in partnership with the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI).

The event's program was quite diverse, featuring a wide range of activities ranging from networking sessions, project showcases, creative workshops, to live performances. Attendees had many opportunities to engage with the projects and their creators, which helped foster a spirit of collaboration and inspiration. 

The BØWIE Awards celebrated ambition, diversity, and empowerment, serving as a testament to the potential of innovative ideas to drive positive change in society. By recognizing and supporting these projects, the BØWIE Incubator continues to help the growth of Switzerland's entrepreneurial queer ecosystem for a future defined by innovation and impact.

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