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Miès Hamidovic
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November 22, 2023
Transgender Awesomeness
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Miès Hamidovic And The Power Of Intimacy

You might have seen Miès' photography before. Surging during covid, Miès conveniently forgot about social restrictions and went on out to photograph people out in the street at night, mostly naked and wearing burglar-like hoods on their faces. Now from the adrenaline of shooting outside, Miès' photography has taken a turn, currently focusing on more intimate settings and narratives about queer people.

Accustomed to frequenting the world of photography long before his transition, Miès Hamidovic found himself early on facing a condescending and heteronormative external gaze. Known as "the partner of," at that time, he was more often found in front of the lens than behind the camera. However, his love for photography and image creation began very early, when he was given a digital camera, and it became more defined when he started experimenting with analog photography using his first disposable cameras. He began photographing drunk people at parties, fascinated by the letting go and honesty that emerged from it.

A turning point occurred for him when he realized that his artistic practice allowed him to escape from the complicated relational situation he was experiencing, and realized that photography made him able to create a utopian world where his problems disappeared. He left his well-paying job and delved full-time into photography. However, he quickly ruled out the possibility of creating marketable works. Indeed, he immersed himself directly into substantial work, combining visual research and documentary efforts, with a desire to archive and protect the reality of queer individuals, particularly those who are transmasculine.

Greatly influenced by the work of Nan Goldin and Greer Lankton, he photographs the people he loves in tender and dreamlike settings. His images then take on a more erotic turn, but no less precise and touching. Also allowing himself to be guided by analog photography, Miès Hamidovic reacquaints himself with the medium, surprising us as much as he allows himself to be surprised by his own work.

Miès Hamidovic's project “Mauvais Garçon” is currently in progress. If you are a transmasculine person based in Paris, feel free to contact him to join the project!

All photographic credits goes to Miès Hamidovic.