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June 12, 2023
Feminists, let’s fight the patriarchy
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Crackhead Barney Or "The Worst Channel On The Internet"

In our exclusive interview with Crackhead Barney and Friends, we discovered an incendiary personality who fearlessly confronts extremists from far-right movements in her artistic performances. Creating a striking contrast between the gravity of the situation and her eccentric identity, she leaves us queer folk gagging, craving for more!

Crackhead Barney shares a recent experience where she got arrested during a protest of the murder of a homeless black man by a white ex marine officer and his father is NYPD an ex officer. "Last week, I was arrested in this costume. We were organizing a no-pants ride, where I gathered a group of friends and followers to simultaneously remove our pants on the subway. I didn't expect it to cause any trouble, but the police approached us, claiming we were obstructing pedestrian traffic. We responded by cursing them out, saying ‘dudes it’s a very crowded metropolitan area.’ Things escalated, and one of the officers arrested me, alleging they found 'meth' in my costume, when it was simply a bag of sugar."

Crackhead Barney sheds light on the current state of affairs. She expresses her concerns about the increasing restrictions on protests, particularly in New York City. She explains that permits are now required for demonstrations, a stark contrast to the previous freedom they had to take to the streets. She emphasizes the concerning trend of making protesting illegal, which she believes is indicative of the deteriorating situation.

As Crackhead Barney expressed feeling defeated in her outfit, she has embarked on a special mission in Europe, determined to reclaim her victory. She travels through European countries, using her performances as a means to send a powerful message to the authorities who once arrested her. "Maybe I'll send them a reel and say, 'Listen, you arrested me in this fucking outfit, but in Europe it's super fun!'" she boldly declared. The outfit, now famous across Europe, symbolizes her resilience and refusal to be silenced. It serves as a defiant reminder that even in the face of adversity, she remains unyielding in her pursuit of artistic expression and her dedication to challenging societal norms.

When we asked Crackhead Barney if she ever felt scared to face dangerous people or situations, particularly referring to her interview with the QAnon Shaman during the US Capitol attack or more recently with the "Proud Boys" movement (who is an exclusively male North American far-right Neo fascist organization that are pro gun activists) she responded with a mischievous grin. "Scared? Me? Nah, I thrive on danger, I like trouble and I like problems and I just love the contrast of me and them, they're like serious conservative and I'm me", she exclaimed : "I really like the whole idea of me going to these far right protests and just fucking with them."

We were intrigued by the origin of her unique name, Crackhead Barney and she revealed the fascinating story behind it. "I used to go around in a Barney costume all over New York City, harassing people, and this Barney costume had one eye," she explained. The eccentricity of her appearance caught people's attention, and they started referring to her as "Crackhead Barney." The streets themselves named her, recognizing her skinny figure inside the iconic costume. But there's more to the name. As she embarked on her journey on YouTube, she initially started the channel with friends : "they're no longer my friends. So it's really Crackhead Barney now.

And what she want you to feel when you watch her videos ? "You know what I want, I want people to vomit. I want people to be disgusted by me. That's really the main point. I want people to be like, this is the worst fucking channel on the internet." It's clear that she thrives on pushing boundaries and challenging societal norms, leaving a lasting impression that is far from ordinary.