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Matteo Angele
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February 22, 2024
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What Is The New Queer And Feminist Reggaeton?

Neoperreo is a dynamic and female-led musical movement that represents a queer and feminist community. It challenges societal norms regarding gender and sexuality. It offers a free space for sexual liberation and challenges social norms regarding gender interactions.

Neoperreo is a female-leading and dynamic musical movement that has quickly become a creative and cultural influence in the Latino-American landscape. It mixes elements of dancehall, trap, and reggaeton, boasting rhythms and often daring lyrics. At its core lies a queer and feminist community that uses Neoperreo as a stage for unfiltered self-expression and as a challenge to societal norms regarding gender and sexuality. 

This underground scene emerged as a platform for artists and enthusiasts to assert themselves and turn dancefloors into zones of liberation and self-affirmation. Bold lyrics and boundary-pushing performances dismantle genre stereotypes while celebrating all types of identities and desires within the LGBTQ+ community. For many, Neoperreo is not just entertainment, but a political statement, reclaiming space and identity. 

Beyond its musical roots, it has become a manifesto for sexual liberation, offering a free space to express self-sexual freedom. Through explicit language and provocative visuals, it confronts taboos, providing a counter-narrative that is both disruptive and empowering. For numerous LGBTQ+ individuals, Neoperreo represents a bold assertion of their right to a sexuality free from judgment, as well as a celebration of eroticism. 

Neoperreo also challenges social norms that dictate interactions between different genders. LGBTQ+ artists openly embrace their femininity, masculinity, or non-binary identity, defying expectations of behavior and appearance. In this musical revolution, the body becomes a canvas upon which gender identities are redefined and celebrated, fostering greater societal acceptance of diversity. As a constantly evolving cultural phenomenon driven by a vibrant community, Neoperreo embodies the hope for a future where LGBTQ expression, dance, and music are celebrated without reservation. With its growing influence, Neoperreo signals a shift towards a more inclusive and liberated reggeaton scene.

Perhaps Perreo is not the issue, but rather a response to how the music industry, and men in general, view a woman's sexuality in a basic sense. We've seen a lot of misogynistic comments regarding these types of dances, but instead of blaming people, shouldn't we reconsider our perception of sexuality? We should adopt a more compassionate and liberating attitude and recognize that anyone, regardless of gender, can enjoy their own sexuality, express it freely, and express it through dance without being judged.

We can see this scene take place at dance parties like Mami Slut in Mexico City that use Latin beats to create a gathering point for queer people looking for a safe space to grind to reggaeton; a way for anyone to feel free to body roll without the insistent and toxic male gaze they face at most other reggaeton parties. More than a dance party, it is also an action of activism that embodies anticolonial ideals that reject gender constructions. Having more positive and communal spaces like Mami Slut is not only about having fun but rather being able to enjoy themself freely and without fear of rejection and judgment.

Notable artists in the Neoperreo music genre are:
- Tomasa del Real @tomasadelreal (Tomasa del Real - Barre con el Pelo)
- Dj Guapis @dj_guapis
- Sassyggirl @sassyggirl (Mirala Sassyggirl, EL PLVYBXY, Merca Bae)
- La Goony Chonga @lagoonychonga (lunita - la goony chonga)
- Ms Nina @msnina (Ms Nina - Rico Rico)
- Euskoprincess @euskoprincess (Euskoprincess - Aunk Parezka Mentira (lajoyeria ft. Mattin)
- DJ LIZZ @lizzlov3 (Raveton - Lizz)
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