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March 2, 2023
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Smell The Norms Burning To The Ground Thanks To The Ecal x Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition

"These fragrances are historical, we think we know everything about them. However, students show us the opposite: their interpretation of gender, of fluidity and of the body reveals images never seen before, which contribute to the construction of new yet recurrent codes, dear to Jean Paul Gaultier." - Florence Tétier, Creative Director

It's time to roll out the red carpet and discover a parade of images through the ECAL x Jean Paul Gaultier "Under Your Smell" exhibition!

From March 3 to May 21, 2023, ECAL presents the creations of 29 students from the Bachelor of Photography program: a collection of clichés where intertwined bodies recall the irreverent imagery inseparable from Gaultier. Under the leadership of Florence Tétier (creative director @JPG) and Nicolas Coulomb (photographer and consultant @Novembre Global), the students offer their interpretation of the brand's fragrances through an immersive exhibition, celebrating diversity and new definitions of beauty.

In 2021, for Smells Like Queer Spirit, its first collaboration with ECAL, the Maison Jean Paul Gaultier explored the depths of the queer world. For Under Your Smell, this new theme proposes to explore notions of body, fluidity, and gender with Scandal as a starting point. The young artists celebrate all the body envelopes under the punk fragrances and the perfumes of rebellion. What a great way to question the norm!

Images Courtesy of :
Angèle Marignac Serra & Camille Spiller
Samara Krähenbühl & Diego Fellmann
Sara De Brito Faustino & Noa Chevalley
Valerie Geissbühler & Lea Sblandano
Eloïse Genoud & Samuel Spreyz & Matteo Angelé
Florian Hilt & Basil Pérot

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