BØWIE Creators Le Levant
March 31, 2021
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BØWIE Creators Live @ Le Levant

No Culture No Future

While Swiss cultural venues remain cruelly closed and its actors call for help (#NoCultureNoFuture), BØWIE Creators has partnered with the Association des Levantins to provide a stage for queer and feminist performance artists in Romandie. This special virtual included songs, dance, drag shows & more! Join us and support your next queer and feminist icons!

Line Up

Nathalie Martin, François Corthay & Olivier Mariette // Nathalie opened the show with her magical voice and some pop and jazzy standards with François Cortay on the piano and Olivier Mariette on the guitar.

Eva Detox // "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"! The fabulous European dragqueen, cabaret and club artist, Eva Detox joined the stage for a glamorous drag show!

Suissance // Roy, Martina and Cyril join forces to create the Crew Suissance. Together, gave an amazing performance inspired by Voguing, Hip-Hop, House, Jazz, contemporary dance and acrobatics.

Foxy Dublin AKA La polissonne // Pauline is a talented burlesque artist who learned her art at the Secret Follies School. She seduced us with two glamorous acts at the show!

Alexandre Juillet // Coming from the world of music hall, cabaret and musicals, Alexandre is a singer and dancer took us on a journey through time.

Ash Calisto // A velvet voice, soft vibes like a summer evening, Ash Calisto is a bewitching artist, an absolutely fantastic caress in your ears!

Miss Glendacai // She was borned naked in the South of Spain, from where she will bring us the latin heat and rhythm... and the rest is drag!

Leroy Mokgatle // Light and soft as a feather, Leroy does not actually dance but fly. Time stands still when Leroy starts to move, overwhelming like the lines of a poem.

Le Levant

The Levantins are roommates who share a huge house on the heights of Lausanne, Switzerland, where they organize small concerts in their large living room or in the garden. Although they can no longer host a live audience, they have decided to reopen their doors to artists, in order to give them a chance to showcase their work through a talents show streamed online on bowiecreators.com.

Safety first

In order to respect the sanitary restrictions, artists performed for an online audience and joined stage in turns.


Thank you to our great partners: Rouge FM, 360 - Le magatzine queer Suisse & Marion Création Végétales for your support.

Watch the replay here:

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