collective revolution art gallery exhibition
June 22, 2022
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Come and join this art collective festival from June 21 to 29, every day from 11am to 6pm.

*photography by Alexandre Haefeli

An extension of the BØWIE Gallery, CØLLECTIVE (R)EVOLUTION is an ephemeral exhibition presenting some twenty talented young Swiss and European artists. This event offers visitors the opportunity to apprehend the issues related to gender and LGBTIQ+ themes through performances, paintings, photographs, installations...

Meet at iceBergues (Place des Bergues 3, Genève) & discover:

✷ A series of 20 works featuring the diversity of gender issues through the theme "CØLLECTIVE (R)EVOLUTION"

✷ Artistic and musical performances

✷ 5 artist talks on how the themes of feminism and LGBTQIA+ representation fit into art

Among the performances, you will see: 

✷ June 22, 18:30-22:00 - Opening night with the performance "Fragile", by Swiss-German artist Lyn Bentschik; & the gay choir from Geneva: Les Genevoix

✷ June 24, 23:00-04:00 The party electro/trans with DESIR4U, Introspective Records

✷ June 25, 19:00-02:00 - Cøllective performance with Charlotte Olivieri, Loïc Valley, Lu Brique, Alizée, DANFORTE, EV.E, Introspective Records

The main goal of this festival is to promote the work of young Swiss and European artists seeking to highlight the importance of representation and dialogue on queer and feminist issues. While offering a friendly and cheerful environment to raise awareness in an immersive way.

The exhibited artists are : Sinan Kutluk, Eve Perrin, Linn Molineaux, Xénia Laffely, Alexandre Haefeli, Laura Rivanera, Camille Lacroix, Laurence Rasti, Zoé Aubry, Jean-Marie Fahy, Elodie Grethen, Benjamin Vedrenne, Zhion, Fredster, Ania Duldiier, Robin Bervini, Sarah Steiner, Lino Muff, Catherin Schoeberl, Lyn Bentschik

At the moment, some of the artists who will be exhibited at CØLLECTIVE (R)EVOLUTION are available at the pop-up gallery BØWIE Creators at the Confederation Centre in Geneva.

CØLLECTIVE (R)EVOLUTION is a festival organized and created by BØWIE Creators Gallery, a gallery that is part of the Be You Network association, which has been working to raise public awareness on gender issues since 2010.



L'iceBergues, Place des Bergues 3, Genève

Date and time

Wed. June 22, 2022


Free entry


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