BØWIE Incubation Programme
February 22, 2022
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Call for queer & feminist projects : Apply to our Incubator

What better time than now to develop or launch that queer or feminist project you've always wanted to?
Make it happen with BØWIE and create the world in which you aspire to live.

No matter what stage your project is at, BØWIE is here to help you take it forward!
Whether you are an entrepreneur, an activist, an artist or just you - which is more than enough! - you’ll have the support of alumni•æ, experts and pros to grow and help you get to wherever you need.

All of this under one common goal : creating a world where gender norms no longer define who we are, who we can love or what we can achieve.

Join BØWIE's 6-month programme and get:

✸ 1 dedicated coach and guidance from tons of experts
✸ Friends from all around Switzerland, Central and Eastern Europe who are also launching or developing their queer or feminist projects
✸ Theoretical masterclasses, expert workshops, and 1:1 coaching and support to gain hot new skills and support that will boost your project
✸ A supportive community of like-minded people who share the same ideal
✸ An Awards Ceremony to shine with your friends, your (chosen) family and a hundred or so other people, including Experts, Role Models and even potential funders

Application deadline: April 24, 2022

Learn more about our incubator and how to submit your project by clicking on the button below!

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